Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppet Pals

Wow, there are so many great Apps out there. I think I have to do some picking and choosing over which ones are worth teaching and the value of the content. This one seems like an easy, fun one to use in the classroom with loads of potential. I've tried it out without purchasing it but it looks like it would be one of those ones that's worth buying and being able to use the extra options. Here's the description from the creaters of the Apps.

Puppet Pals:
We have always loved animation apps and empowering users to be a content creators and not just consumers. The problem has been, that in the app store, many frame by frame animation apps have been clunky and intimidating. Our goal with puppet pals was to present a familiar straightforward method to create your own "jib-jab© like" animations. All you have to do is select your actors and backdrops, press record, and drag them around. Everything you drag around is recorded in realtime (including your audio). You can even flip characters with a double tap or resize and rotate them using two fingers. The result is a simple and fun way to quickly create your own animated movies. There is something very satisfying about being able to see you animations come to life instantly without the painful frame by frame process.