Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wow.... I was happy with 1, here's a school with a whole pod!

This wiki is an excellent resource of a school district that has introduced an iproject using ipods in the classroom.  Lots of ideas K-12 here!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50+ ways to use an Ipad in the classroom

Okay... I stumbled across a link I am very excited to explore.  What i really want to know is how to have a label section or a tag clou on the side of this blog, and while I searched unsuccessfully for that, I found this.... EEEKKKK I am so excited.

How do we know if those apps are good?

So just how do we know if those apps are any good?  And with there being millions of apps in the app store how do you even stumble across the good ones?  Well I happened to stumble across a few sites and blogs that recommend apps.  Most of them are recommended by imoms or ikids..... I haven't checked them all out but it looks like a great place to start.................. let me know what you think!

This imom and iteacher is loving her ipad2!

Introducing the Ipad to the kids......

Today was the day, we took the Ipad into grade one and I used it once in the morning and ALL afternoon.  The kids were over the top excited about it.  One little boy did not even want to go home at 4:00! lol

So what did we do on the first day?  

Well of course we set some criteria for how to use the Ipad......

and then I held on to it while intoducing the idea of alphabetical order.  We used a fridge magnet app and the kids took turns putting the letters I put on the fridge in ABC order.  Now I know the mimio would have been a better choice for this activity but we really wanted to get our hands on that Ipad!

And in the afternoon.... Mrs. Fisher came in and took kids two at a time to use AB Math Lite.  The kids had to sequence numbers while racing against a clock.  They LOVED the novelty of it!  And guess what we found out it does alphabetical order racing against a clock.... that might be tomorrow's fun.

It's a freebie but I just might buy this full version!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking for links

I swear I could spend hours just looking for great ideas online.......... the possibilities are endless, too bad there is not enough time in the day to try them all. 

Here are some sites I have found that review and recommend apps for kids.

The favorite app at our house this May Long weekend has been FlickFishingHD.  So much of a favorite that when the whole family was ready to let mom have a turn with her ipad, the battery life was at 10%.  Thank you very much... now get outside and catch some real fish so I can have a turn!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Links to good apps!

Well I do not have many of these apps personally, but about a month ago when I considered getting an Ipad, I bookmarked this site and am just getting around to checking it out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's all about the Apps!

So I have the Ipad... now what?  When you have never used a Mac, the whole apple concept took some getting used to and I quickly discovered, it's all about the apps.  The app store has quickly become one of my favorite places.  I can search and download, preview, then keep or delete.  I am cautious about the apps I have to purchase, I suspect it can quickly become an addiction!  So that leads me to wonder, what are the MUST HAVE apps?  I have found a few that I am excited about and if I was a skilled blogger I am sure I could insert photos of them right here..... but for now I'll just have to tell you what they are called:
  • Imovie looks like something I am going to LOVE for making slideshows in the classroom, well worth the $4.99.
  • Teach Me 1st Grade has me excited about the spelling and math facts.
  • AB Math Lite looks like a great way to race against a timer to sequence numbers or answer facts.
I am sure I could find many more must have apps, if only I could get my hands on my Ipad.....

Judging from the enthusiasm at home, I know the kids with love it at school!

Just Getting Started

So we have had the ipads for 2 weeks now and are finally feeling like we know how to use them....are we ready to blog about them?  Maybe!