Monday, April 29, 2013

Where Do You Find Your Free Apps?

If you wait long enough.... eventually most apps go "free" or at least on sale.  But often times there is a time limit, sometimes only an hour!  So when you see it's free, you have to get it!

So far I have found 2 places that recommend great free apps throughout the day.  One updates to my facebook account, the other comes as an email.  I have probably saved hundreds of dollars from these to sites alone!

What are they you ask?


H"appy" shopping!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Parental Control of Technology

Technology is changing so fast we can barely keep up.  Our kids know more about it than we do and as hard as we try to be educated it seems that our kids are always one step ahead.

What can we do as parents and teachers?  I think it comes down to teaching responsibility and ethics, beginning at an early age.  

We need to know what are children are up to on their devices.  We need to set restrictions and time limits and talk about the reasons why we are doing it.  We need to take the devices out of their rooms at bedtime.

My own children each have an ipod and access to my ipads.  They do not have their own itunes account, nor do they know my password.  The devices are set up to request a password for every purchase.  They both have restrictions set when it comes to music and videos.   They do not have any social media - nor do I think they need it.  Now they are only 6 and 9.  I am thinking ahead as to when is an appropriate age for such things, and I really don't have the answer to that.

As a grade one teacher I talk about responsibility and trust with our idevices all the time.  In the wake of  recent suicides across our country stemming from cyber bullying, I want to do more and I think as parents and educators we need to do more.

So I have begun with a little research into setting restrictions.  Here is what I have discovered:

And I discovered a new website dedicated to helping someone who has been cyber bullied:

I think the most important piece to talking with our kids about what is appropriate to look and post online.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cannot Connect To itunes Store

Tonight I experienced complete frustration.  Some great new apps were on "free" for today only and I needed to download them.  I could open the app store and browse through it.  As soon as I found an app I wanted to purchase I would get a little pop up screen telling me I could not connect to the itunes store.  I tried on both my ipads, neither worked.  I tried on my iphone and I could connect, but these apps were ipad only apps!  So of course I asked my good friend google.  Here is the help I came up with.  Click on the picture to get your help.


I tried powering down with no luck.  Then I tried changing the date with no luck.  Then I tried the DNS server code, no luck.  Then I reread the setting of the date and noticed you were supposed to switch it back to automatic.  After I tried this, it tried to download - only to discover I did not have enough room on my ipad.  After deleting some apps, it appears to be fixed.

Thank you for your support!!!!!!!