Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introducing the Ipad to the kids......

Today was the day, we took the Ipad into grade one and I used it once in the morning and ALL afternoon.  The kids were over the top excited about it.  One little boy did not even want to go home at 4:00! lol

So what did we do on the first day?  

Well of course we set some criteria for how to use the Ipad......

and then I held on to it while intoducing the idea of alphabetical order.  We used a fridge magnet app and the kids took turns putting the letters I put on the fridge in ABC order.  Now I know the mimio would have been a better choice for this activity but we really wanted to get our hands on that Ipad!

And in the afternoon.... Mrs. Fisher came in and took kids two at a time to use AB Math Lite.  The kids had to sequence numbers while racing against a clock.  They LOVED the novelty of it!  And guess what we found out it does alphabetical order racing against a clock.... that might be tomorrow's fun.

It's a freebie but I just might buy this full version!


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