Sunday, June 5, 2011


THE CHALLENGE IS ON!!!!!!!! Mrs. Jedele's Grade 5 class challenged our Grade 2 class with a hearty game of textropolis. OK so I have to say it's one of my favorite apps. They give you the name of a city and you have to find the hidden words. The more words you find, the bigger the city gets. Can you believe there are 351 words in Singapore? You may think it's not a fair challenge but our class is allowed to use the hints and their class isn't which seems to have evened things out. The app sends postcards telling how many words you've found every now and then which really keeps the competition going--that and the students taking turns checking out the scores down the hall!! It's great for thinking of word patterns.We're up to 167 but I think the Grade 6's are ahead of us----hmmm. Maybe we'll just play Textropolis tomorrow!

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Andy said...

We got to 230 words but were having a hard time - we think that grade 2's are awesome for getting as many words as they did. We decided the challenge was over because we have to both use hints. Yeah Grade Two's for sharing this challenging game with us!!!