Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beware the Sync

Okay so I learned something new after a few frustrating hours today.  You CAN NOT delete pictures from your ipad unless you do it during a sync.  When you are syncing the ipad you can select which photos you want to be on your ipad.  The sync is initially set up to sync all your photos which ended up being half of my memory on the ipad.  So I had to resync it selecting only the few photos I wanted.  the help I found did say you could delete pictures from the Ipad that you took with the Ipad (don't ask me how)!

And why did I learn all this?  Well I was attempting to rent my first movie from the itunes store to watch with my hdmi connector on my tv!  I'll let you know how that goes in another post.


Lois said...

To delete the pictures you took with the ipad just tap on the photo to select and the garbage can appears in the top right corner. I have found some more great sites to share with you. I'm in PA but once I get my feet back on the ground I'll post.

Carrie said...

Wish I had an ipad!