Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tumblebooks for Ipad

On my quest to plan for Munsch a Good Book (our school I Love To Read Month theme), I remembered Tumblebooks has lots of Robert Munsch stories!

With great excitement I made a plan for computer buddies and then stumbled across a graphic novel I thought my son would like.  After bookmarking tumblebooks on his home screen of his ipod and teaching him the school's username and password, I discovered the graphic novel would not work on safari on his Ipod.  Why??????  Well only some books work on the Ipad/Ipod.  There is a link in green at the top of the page that says Ipad Books.  When we searched through that selection of books, they quickly began to play on his Ipod.

McIsaac's username: mcisaac  password: books

Bookmark this link on your home screen and make use of these great "free" books!  Happy Reading.

Oh and to my teaching delight....... the Robert Munsch books are for the Ipad!

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Grade 2 said...

Thanks Christine. It's one of those things I kept meaning to do and hadn't. I put it on my homescreen for easy access. Who needs any ebooks from the app store when we've already got these.