Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ipad Buddy Project

Our class pairs with a grade seven class once a cycle in the computer lab.  Our buddies normally teach us things like logging on to the network, opening our wiki, and using wordle or word documents.  They also teach us how to use Spelling City and Mathletics.  Our computer buddies are VERY helpful!

This year I decided to use some of that computer time for our buddies to do an ipad project with us.  Since we have 5 ipads, 5 groups under the supervision of Mrs. Fisher are participating in the first project.


Prior Knowledge:  Our grade one class composed a list of all the important people that work with us in the school.  We also identified their job title.  This was part of our Social Studies unit.

Students were first taught how to use the camera and how to reflect on the pictures they took.  They were allowed to delete and retake pictures that they felt were not good.  Students then headed out to take pictures of the people from the list.  This is all that was completed during the first class.  

Our next steps include using the Pictello App to insert the pictures and create text to identify the people and their positions.  The completed stories will be viewed by the rest of the class as a Social Studies presentation.

Once the first group have their projects completed, another group of 5 will begin a new project.  The criteria for the project will be the same, but the project will likely have a different theme.  I am allotting 3 classes for each project.


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Christine said...

We watched the finished projects today and they are SOOOOO good. The grade ones did a great job. Some turned out GREAT, others could have used a little work but all in all the finished projects were excellent. The next group will start a similar project with a science theme this time (patterns in nature - months of the year).