Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Our school subscribes to Mathletics.  The kids like it, although it is not my most favorite program (It bugs me that there is not the option to have the computer tell you what to do - you have to read the instructions yourself.)  Not so easy in grade one!

BUT  today Mathletics was launched on ipad.  As long as your child has a username and password - which all grade 1 - 8 students at our school have, you can play on the ipad.  It will recognize all of your progress and continue tracking from either device!  My son for one is addicted to Mathletics so he is pumped about this new launch.

I did notice that there were a TON of updates that needed to run for the app to work properly and they took about 10 minutes to load.  And sadly the ipad does not speak to you either!  Oh well, maybe in the next version!!!!

If you subscribe to mathletics, it is worth checking out!

As  a side note.... all students in my class do have usernames and passwords but I have not introduced the program to them yet, mostly because of the reading issues.



Christine said...

There is also Mathletics teacher for iphone. It allows you to assign grades to all your students and track student progress right from your phone! It's free.

Grade 2 said...

Does it work already, Christine? I know they have this one listed for the iPad but it isn't available yet.

Christine said...

Mathletics works already I loaded it on to the school ipads that had sharing turned on. Mathletics teacher works from my iphone, I have played with it and assigned stuff already. Have not looked at Mathletics teacher for ipad if that is what you are asking.