Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cannot Connect To itunes Store

Tonight I experienced complete frustration.  Some great new apps were on "free" for today only and I needed to download them.  I could open the app store and browse through it.  As soon as I found an app I wanted to purchase I would get a little pop up screen telling me I could not connect to the itunes store.  I tried on both my ipads, neither worked.  I tried on my iphone and I could connect, but these apps were ipad only apps!  So of course I asked my good friend google.  Here is the help I came up with.  Click on the picture to get your help.


I tried powering down with no luck.  Then I tried changing the date with no luck.  Then I tried the DNS server code, no luck.  Then I reread the setting of the date and noticed you were supposed to switch it back to automatic.  After I tried this, it tried to download - only to discover I did not have enough room on my ipad.  After deleting some apps, it appears to be fixed.

Thank you for your support!!!!!!!