Wednesday, December 14, 2011

App Happy!

Wow!  Today a colleague of mine stumbled upon a comprehensive list of apps geared for children with asperger's syndrome.  This list looks fantastic for the primary classroom or for any children with special needs.  I LOVE how the list shows a picture of the app, names the app and gives a brief summary of what to expect.  The list is also organized into many sub lists such as writing, reading, games, art, music, communication and so much more.  I think my Christmas holiday will be spent exploring many of these apps!  Check them out too and feel free to leave me a comment about the ones that you think are excellent!

1 comment:

Grade 2 said...

Amazing, Christine. I'll check these out over the holidays too. what would you think about making a presentation to the board promoting the ipad with both the resource and classroom.