Thursday, December 8, 2011

A teachable moment... just go with it!

Today was one of those throw the lesson plan out the window and just go with the teachable moment kind of days.  As we checked the weather on idress, it told us it was -18C.  Cold yes, but a true northern girl like me knew it just had to be colder.  So we quickly opened up safari and went to Environment Canada.  We discovered it was a whooping -29C with the wind, almost indoor recess weather, but not quite.  So it was time to talk frost bite and making sure we wear all those winter clothes that idress has hanging in our icloset!  As we talked I thought....... we should write about this!  And write we did!  We got out the markers and wrote an interactive story about dressing for the weather.  The kids decided it should be a rebus story so we would see the pictures of the clothes.  Then we decided if it hung in the hallway, all the kids would know why they need to wear the right winter gear!  So here it is......

Notice our app to app pictures posted around it!  The kids just love when it is their turn to do the weather, only 3 left and everyone will have had a turn!  I guess tomorrow we will go back to the short vowel o lesson I had planned on doing today.  I just love those teachable moments!

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Carrie said...

This looked like a lot more fun than learning about short vowel o! I think you need to redo this lesson with the junior high students. They don't seem to know what to wear when it is -29!