Sunday, June 10, 2012

Building My Bank of Math Apps

It's June... what can I say we are all tired, bored and ready for a break but we still have 12 days of school left! So I have been on a quest for some new math apps.  Apps to revive their interest and hopefully inspire them to use over the summer to reinforce the concepts they have learned.

The first new one I found is:  The Counting Game
iPhone Screenshot 1
This app lets you count in a variety of ways, anything from 1 - 10!  It times you and lets you select how you want to practice counting from the menu.  It is a 99 cent app and will be great in my grade one classroom.

The next one I found is:  Jungle Math Bingo

iPhone Screenshot 3
This app lets you choose from any of the 4 operations and has 3 difficulty levels for each.  My kids love math bingo from ABCya so I thought a different twist on an old favorite might be interesting.  If I was only going to buy one, it would be math bingo as it has more games within the app, but like I said I was looking to spark interest and survive 12 days!  Both of these bingo apps are 99 cents!

Finally in my quest for a measurement app: 3 Snakes (thanks Cynthia) and Measurement HD
iPhone Screenshot 2

3 Snakes uses grade one vocabulary such as longer/shorter/longest while asking you questions about the snakes.  You have to use the arrows to change the sizes of the snakes to create what the game asks.  I am sure there is some strategy/skill involved in changing the size of the snakes (I have not yet figured that out), but the kids enjoy the challenge and I like the vocabulary building element of it!  This app is also 99 cents.

Measurement HD teaches 5 measurement concepts:  
iPad Screenshot 5

  • time - setting a clock to the time the app tells you something is happening
  • volume - measuring liquids into containers
  • weight - using a scale to find what is heavier/lighter
  • length - comparing 2 objects looking for long/short
  • months - calendar activities to learn the months of the year
This app is $1.99 and I can hardly wait to introduce it to my kiddos!   

Normally I love to introduce free apps since 3/4 of my class have their own idevice.  They often take my app recommendations home and install them on their own devices.  But for $5 dollars, I just introduced you to 4 great math apps sure to inspire your budding mathematicians!  Enjoy!



Ipad decals said...

I really do miss the original math games such as treasure math storm. I would of thought that these would have been reinvented for the ipad but they haven't yet.Do you agree with the way that the new learning games are going.

Kathy said...

Thank you! I was really having trouble finding measurement apps until a came acorss your page.