Thursday, June 28, 2012

I get a POD!!!!!!

So our school has 12 ipads and next year we are creating 3 pods of 3 ipads!  I am so excited because for the first term I get to use this pod every afternoon for the whole afternoon with my kiddos.  Plus I have my own 2 classroom ipads which I purchased for my class which makes 5!  Oh the potential of 5!

How do I plan to implement the pod?  Well I imagine I will be doing a lot of exploring over the summer but as of right now I have COMPLETELY rearranged my schedule from how I normally operate!  

  • I am going to move my guided reading to the afternoon, the 5 ipads will be a center during guided reading time.  My plan it to create a profile for EVERY student on Teach me Grade One and have them work through the profile.  I also plan to use some spelling apps at this time and possibly listen to reading using books I have purchased!
  • I also plan to use the pod during my Math /Buddy time.  Math Buddies is when both grade one classes mix up ability wise and learn through fun and games.  The lessons are tailored to enrich the higher level students and to support the weaker group.  They will get to use many of our great math apps during this time.
I am sure I will come up with many more great ideas over the summer, but today ?I was SOOOOO excited to get the news I just had to share it!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi! a recommendation from one teacher to another, why don't you try Nearpod? You can create presentations and launch them to the students' ipads in a synchronized way with interactive activites. This is their website: :) hope you like it!

Rose B.

Christine said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I can't wait to check it out!