Friday, August 31, 2012

Using a Stylus

There are so many great apps to support letter formation and fine motor development and the kiddos love them.  However tracing things with your finger is a lot easier than using a pencil and does nothing to support pencil grip.  This summer I made it my mission to find styluses to be used for these kinds of apps, making the practice more meaningful!

My good friend Cynthia happened to find these at Best Buy.  The package cost $15.

I happen to be fortunate enough to have my own little soon to be first grader living in my house!  She was my  tester today.  We discussed how I should set up the ipad (post on that coming soon) and then she attempted to use the stylus.

What did I learn from watching her?  
  • Well she still wanted to hold the stylus incorrectly.  I had to force the pencil grip.
  • She had to press harder than she would with her finger and I saw her banging on the icons a few times before they turned on.
  • Tracing letters is still tricky because there is resistance with the stylus.
  • When playing letter school she was bending her whole hand really awkward to form the letters, perhaps she needed to be standing or have the ipad on a slant.
So now I know training is needed... like anything else in grade one!  Time must be spent showing them how you want it done and reinforcing proper usage.  Will it be worth it, I think so! 


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