Friday, March 1, 2013


It's report card time!!!  

For me, I call it procrastination time!  If  there is a cupboard to clean, groceries to buy, a walk to be had, or chocolate Easter eggs to be eaten, I am on it!  It's not that I don't like report card time, it's just I have a hard time settling in and getting started.  Once I get my "game face on", I am a report card writing machine, whipping out meaningful detailed comments.  I LOVE thinking about my little firsties and smiling over just how much they have grown.  My report cards are due in about 72 hours....... so a little more procrastination with a blog post won't hurt.... right?

1.  March kicks off with a Dr. Seuss theme in my classroom.  How excited was I to see the Cat In the Hat cam app was free for a limited time only!  It is normally $1.99 but I see it is still free tonight.  Check out it out if you want to Seussify your friends!
iPhone Screenshot 3

2.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the Teach Me apps.  I was thrilled to see they have released a Teach Me 3rd Grade version just last week!  I am thinking about buying this one for the 3rd grader who lives in my house!  It's $1.99.

iPhone Screenshot 1

3.  I have been LOVING my dropbox app.  It is just what I needed and has simplified my life this past month!  Although the camera upload is certainly SLOW!

4.  Tonight as I was browsing the blogs I follow (another great way to procrastinate), I discovered the creator of one of my most favorite tech blogs created a website of all her Seasonal games.  How awesome it that.  Of course I added that short cut to the seasonal page of my class wiki!  This is TOTALLY worth checking out.  There are apps for each seasonal site too! I plan to check out the St. Pat's ones tonight!

5.  Today we held a fundraiser at our school "Ipod/Hat Day".  Students could pay $1 to wear a hat during school hours and $1 to listen to songs on their ipod (whatever device they own) during working time.  The fundraiser brings in a few hundred dollars, the kids LOVE it and my class has never been SO quiet, aside from a few "burst into song moments"  lol

So I suppose I have procrastinated long enough.  Happy weekend everyone!



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Namera Rahman said...
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Namera Rahman said...
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