Saturday, April 21, 2012

Textropolis - a Word Game

My 8 year old son came home from school yesterday raving about a great game they play at school on the iPad and "could we get it too mom?"  So off to the app store we went and found this app he desperately wanted was free ~ my kind of app:)  Since all of our devices are synced at home he thought it would be great if we could both play on our own devices and race each other.  I have to laugh...... Friday night here we are playing spelling games for 2 hours and that kid is good!  He definitely held his own!
iPhone Screenshot 3   iPhone Screenshot 2

How to play:  Well they give you a name of a city like Kingstown and you need to build as many words as possible using those letters.  Each word you spell is defined for you (if you care to read the banner on the jet that flies over your city ~ I must confess I had no time to read the definition I was racing to spell the most words!)  You can choose hint and it will give you a definition of a word that you can make with the letters you have.  After you have spelled so many words it unlocks a new city name for you to play.  The game tells you how many words are even possible to spell.  I have no idea what happens when you actually spell all the words for a city, we have not got that far yet.  

However, we must be addicted............... we both woke up this morning and grabbed our devices to carry on!  

If you love word games, this is a good one!  My son's teacher has blogged about how they actually use it in their classroom.  What a great time filler!

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