Tuesday, April 3, 2012

iPrinting - mostly "my" school related

So in our building our school secretary uses a Mac.  She purchased an app that allows her computer to be the master "print control system".  As long as her computer is turned on, the iPads will search for her computer and then give a list of printing options ~ virtually everything she is connected to including photocopiers and the color cube.  It works great, as long as it's not the weekend:)

Well today I wondered would my iPhone print too.  And yep, it does!!!!!!  There is one catch though.  It will not print if I am just roaming on the cellular network.  I needed to go into the settings and turn on the wi-fi.  The phone immediately found the network.  I was able to connect myself to the network and with a simple "tap" I printed my document to the photocopier!  Yay for technology!!!

Note to staff:  the wireless network connection is horrible in the main office and there is no connection in the staffroom!  Walking into the hallway or going up or downstairs makes a huge difference.  I often print from my classroom from the iPad as it is way more reliable!

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