Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deleting Music

It never fails, whenever a new IS0 comes out my son's ipod does not have enough room left to update it.  Never again will I buy an 8G anything:)

We are always trying to decide what we can delete????  Today we decided to downsize his music library.  Or so we thought we would.  We tried everything to delete about 30 songs.  After 30 minutes of failure, we googled it!  I LOVE google!

We got a few answers... connect it to your itunes account on the computer and choose to manage the music library.  Of course itunes wanted us to update and that whole process SLOWED us down.  

But then we hit the jackpot!!!! 

1.  Open your music.
2.  Click on songs.
3. Slide your finger slowly along the song to the right and a red delete button appears|!
4.  Click it and you are done!!!!!!

How easy... and secretive is that?!  

Now you know:)  


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