Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pictello Project part 2

About a month ago I posted about my pictello project which I thought turned out just great.  This morning I had a few spare minutes and played around with the program just a little bit more.

I was able to take the project and save it as a pdf.  That pdf is saved as book on my ibook shelf.  I then dicovered that I could email that pdf or print it as a paper copy.  Now of course when you do that you lose all the audio functions that you may have incorporated; however, having a printed copy of the book would be super exciting for some kids!  Not to mention I would love to add it to their portfolios.

My next steps......
We have created stories on 5 different ipads.  I would like to get all the stories onto all the ipads (or at least mine so when I give the pod back I still have them).  I would like kids to be able to read these stories in ibooks during read to self time.

I wanted to attach the pdf copy to this blog post but I just can't seem to figure out how..... maybe next time! Check out pictello, it's fun!

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