Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inspiring Students

Sometimes all it takes is a question.....

Why won't my ipod at home take a screen shot?  How do I delete my apps?  How do I make a folder?  These are the questions I have been asked lately by my little firsties.

How exciting!!!!!  This means they are using and exploring at home!  I had a few parents even come to parent's day and jokingly say... "Why did you teach about screen shots?  I have millions of photos on my phone now!"  I laughed and said "Did you know how to take one before?" and they admitted they are even learning from their children!

These questions have lead us to little mini lessons about using the ipad.  And to all the questions we have had the ah ha moment!  That's when I know I've got them... they can hardly wait to go home and use what they have learned!  Soon they will be teaching me:)


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