Friday, February 1, 2013

My Ipad Presentation

I have been using and Ipad in my classroom for almost 2 years now.  I was asked to present to staff how I have incorporated ipads into my grade one classroom.  I wanted my session to focus on the projects that my first graders have done, it is not just about the apps.  The apps are a tool to achieve an outcome!  When I sat down to plan my presentation I wanted to make sure some basic ipad skills were taught as well.  And of course what would an ipad presentation be without sharing of apps!

What were my projects?

What skills did I teach?
  • Locking an app (guided access) - very cool if you have kids that like to wander off task
  • Moving apps in and out of folders
  • Renaming folders
  • Taking a screen shot
  • Opening pictures from camera roll within another app
  • Printing from the Ipad
  • Photo Streaming
  • Adding short cuts to the home screen
  • Searching for apps you know you have... but where?
  • Deleting apps and finding them in your purchased part of the app store to add them back later
What are my favorite apps?
  • All the ones I blog about of course!
Of course I asked them all to follow me here!  So welcome if you joined!  And I shared the site I follow to find amazing new apps!

And what is a presentation without getting a little personal?????  I shared my ihealth blood pressure monitor   and my Weigh Watchers app My Score Plus.  

So in a nutshell, that was it and it was fun.  I know a few left inspired, a few left itching to buy their own ipad and others left with the notion that "hey, maybe I can do that!"



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