Thursday, February 21, 2013

World Education Games

Literacy  Maths

Our school subscribes to Mathletics, an online math program.  March 5th is World Literacy Day and March 6th is World Math day.  This year there is even a World Science Day on March 7!  Students are encouraged to play as much as possible on these days to earn points.  

This year there are 3 apps available for the ipad to access these games.  Click here for the link to the apps.  Students can start practicing now with their Mathletics user id.  Since this is a WORLD event.... we actually get an extra day of play time because March 5th comes earlier in Australia!  

Download your free apps and get practicing.  Let's put our school at the top of the leader board!


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Mahesh said...

Awesome guide, I am following almost many points and in your post I got some extra knowledge.