Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Tell me a time when your bucket was really full?  That's the question I asked to my first graders today using the audioboo app on the Ipad.  The app was quick to use and super easy, in fact the kids each did it themselves.  They pushed record, spoke to the Ipad, previewed their message, typed their own name and inserted their own picture before saving it and publishing it to my audioboo account.  A few of them were excited to interview people using the app on their own Ipod at home.

The catch...... how to upload or embed it so people can see what we had to say.  It did not appear that I could embed from the Ipad.  I had to open my audioboo account on my laptop and then open each file to embed them.  The whole process only took about 5 minutes, but it was a pain needing 2 devices.  Another downfall is that their photo does not appear on the boo once it has been embedded.

Listen to their boos to see how full their buckets are:

All in all, I know they will be excited to hear themselves.


5Jedele said...

I have noticed that I need to use my laptop for uploading on both the wiki and the blog also. You do such cool things with your class.

Grade 2 said...

ok that was so sweet listening to what fills their buckets!!!

Grade 2 said...

So I thought it would be a good idea to compare Audioboo from the computer vs the iPad and it does embed the picture with the audioboo on my wiki through the computer. It did take a long time for the picture to save so I don't think I would do individual students projects because of the time factor but I would use it for group projects with a photo such as a class poem or reading. I also thought if we wanted to use the iPad for the boos we could insert pictures after on the wiki through the wiki site--just another thought.