Friday, February 10, 2012

Smilebox - my favorite site

I know, I know this is not Ipad related.  I have never actually even tried to use smilebox on Ipad but I do love Smilebox and it is tech related so I just have to share.

2 years ago I paid the membership for Smilebox.... $36 a year I believe.  I can add my own music from my itunes library to my slideshows and I can burn my shows to cd/dvd.... LOVE IT!  Best $36 I have spent in a long while.

Mostly I just embed my Smileboxes into my class wiki and the kids have a blast reliving their grade one year.  I hope their parents do too. Well I just finished a smilebox of I Love to Read Week.  It is awesome!  The kids will LOVE it!  And I have to brag a little, I LOVE my puppet show pictures, gotta love that zoom lens, can hardly wait until I break down and buy the telephotos lens... paparazzi I will be!

Check it out! - scroll to the smilebox with the puppets and push play!

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