Monday, February 20, 2012

Had a "Appy" Long Weekend!

I swear my kids have no idea where the money comes from that buys those apps that they readily want to install.    Thank goodness they do not know my apple ID and need to come running every time they have found something new to "buy"!!!!  I have trained them how to be good searchers and they are fairly proficient at using the app store pages to find what they want, it just seems like they are always on the look out for something new.

Now I have to be fair and say my son had about $75 in itunes gift cards from Xmas and his birthday, but I have been monitoring what he spends that credit on.  A bunch of it went to music which I have no trouble with.  The trouble I have with apps is their mentality of "It's only 99 cents mom!"  So we have been using the app shopper and really looking for the freebies.... we download them quite freely too, I mean you can always delete the duds!  My poor 16g Ipad will soon be maxed out I am sure.

But this mentality might not be the best either!  Constantly loading the free apps just confirms to my kids that they always need to be on the look out for more.  I want to in still good values and ethics when it comes to using technology but I seem to be caught in a tangled web where I am unsure of the right answers.

So yes, we had a happy long weekend filled with fun, friends, outdoors, laughter and lots of new apps! lol

Here are some of our finds... keep in mind some of these are the free time choices of a 5 and 8 year old:)
 iPhone Screenshot 3
 Candy Count
iPad Screenshot 2
Count to 1000 - this was free on Saturday but now sells for 1.99
iPhone Screenshot 2
Seuss band was free this weekend to celebrate Dr. Seuss's upcoming birthday
iPhone Screenshot 1
My son wants a dog in the worst way!

Toca Doctor - we did break down and buy this one.  My daughter loves her Toca Boca games and we have been getting previews of the new Toca House coming out Feb. 23.  So we compromised and got the doctor app.  It is cute but she is a little old for it, perfect for a 3 or 4 year old.

Clown Dress up story book app
Another weekend freebie!  The kids have checked it out and ha some fun, to be honest I have not looked at it at all.
Enjoy the app ideas!

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