Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cords and Accessories

This week has been a trial with few tribulations when it comes to cords and accessories!

Dilemma 1:
A wonderful little student of mine proudly came to school with an ipod full of her photos from Disney World.  How do we share that with the class well.... logic says hook it up to the lcd.  Well I do not have a cord to connect my ipad to my lcd!  So off I go on a borrowing mission to find the 1 cord in the school... lone behold it is not in the building today.  So I sadly break the news to my student.

Dilemma 2:
I get a cord........ my lcd projector is not sophisticated enough to work with the connector cord.  Now I go looking for an lcd to borrow.  That is how I come across .......

Dilemma 3:
I have a teacher ready and willing to lend the lcd that will attach with the cord.  When I tell her my plan she breaks the news that guess what....... the ipod will not connect to the lcd.  An ipad will, an iphone will, and ipod will NOT!

Ahhhhhhh!  Can you feel my frustration?

Now thankfully this little student has a techie mom, who happens to be our school secretary!  She willingly loaded 67 of the photos on to a smilebox and 2 days later we see the wonderful Disney adventures to which Phineas and Ferb got huge applause and 17 students were left dreaming of their own Disney adventure....someday!  Have I left you curious about that Disney adventure, swing by my wiki to check her Smilebox out.  I created a special page called Student Adventures!

Now for the accessories dilemma........
Months ago we purchased the Camera Connection kit.  I have tried the card reader and it worked like a charm.... check out my post about it.  Just this week Lois tried out the cord connector and it would not allow her camera to load pictures.   I am unsure of the error message she got, but she got one.  So she asked me to give it a try.  So try I did with my expensive Canon Rebel t3 dslr and it worked with my camera.... all be it was SLOW compared to the speedy card reader!

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Grade 2 said...

Hmmm- I think we need to check into this a bit further. It says it does work with the ipod touches according to apple. I would like to check it out on my lcd.
Do you have an ipod touch I could try? Joel's maybe.