Sunday, February 26, 2012

Searching the web with your voice

Sometimes the hardest thing for kids is spelling the words correctly in the google search to find what they are looking for. Well not any more.... with the Dragon Search app, you say what you want to the iPad and it does the looking for you!! Once it compiles a list you can decide whether you were looking for google sites, YouTube, videos, Wikipedia information and more!!

The pros:
No more spelling concerns allows for independence
It's free

The cons:
You have to speak quite clearly
You can not say any extra words


Grade 2 said...

I never thought about using it for this. What about dictating a story and having it show up as text? I also thougt it would be cool as a spell checker---as long as it recognises the students voice.

Christine said...

You are thinking of a separate app. Dragon dictation would be good for all the things you mentioned. This app is called dragon search and it's only purpose is to search the net with your voice.