Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinterest - Do you pin?

I am relatively a newbie to Pinterest.  The idea is excellent, but the whole thing is just a little overwhelming.  I am unsure on where you find people to follow, and I get lost in the world of pins.  I have my own collection of boards but they are a little unorganized since I was not sure of what I was doing when I first started.  I am unsure of how to edit them and am certainly interested in learning more about the organizational web tool.

Today I stumbled across an intro to Pinterest video.  It is 14 minutes long but answered a few questions I had, and a few I had not even thought of yet.  I will share that video with you in case you have not yet been bit by the Pinterest bug.  But look out, it is another addiction!
Happy pinning!  Oh and remember, I am in search of the next step to this pinning video, so if you find it, send it my way:)

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I LOVE pinterest. I don't know if I will ever complete all the projects I have pinned but I love looking at everyone's creativity!
Happy Pinning:)