Sunday, May 27, 2012

iHealth....... totally not school related, unless you are stressed out!

Last June my husband suffered a big health scare.  To make a long story short...... in the end it was his blood pressure.  It was recommended he regularly check his blood pressure.  So once a week, he'd head off to the health station at work to have it checked.  Then they lent him a home kit for about a month.  Finally they recommended he buy his own,  which of course did not happen until NOW!  I happened to be browsing the apple store when I came across the ihealth blood pressure dock.  There were many 5 star reviews and best of all, your history is recorded on your iphone.  The ihealth app is free!  The blood pressure machine was $99. It arrived at our house within a week - 3rd apple purchase of the month:)  So far - so good!  My husband thinks it's worth the 5 star rating.  He is checking his pressure twice daily!

iPhone Screenshot 4

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