Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trialing a "Pod" for Math Centers

I  have the opportunity to have 4 ipads in my classroom for 1 hour during my math time in the morning, so this week I have been trying to find ways to use the pod as a part of our daily plan.

So far here is how it works:
Each day 4 students get to be the ipad math students of the day.  They get a "free pass" from doing their math journal and instead get to choose a math game to play from the math folder. All of the games I have strategically placed in there so it really does not matter which they choose (this is a little tricky since 2 of the 4 ipads are not set up the same as the other 2, that's what happens when you borrow!)  The kids LOVE it!  Also,  at the end of our math lesson, some of the fast finishers get to spend time in the math folder.  So in that hour at least 8 kids have successfully used the pod.

Today we explored a "new to us" app.  A colleague of mine said it was her class favorite (thanks Cynthia) and guess what, it was installed on our ipads already:) (One of the many that have been loaded but I have had NO time to explore)!  It's called Hungry Fish!

I introduced it on the lcd projector with my new classroom hdmi adapter!  The little fish has a number on his stomach (which you can set), he then needs to eat bubbles that equal his number.  You need to join bubbles to make the number before the fish gets too skinny and dies.  The more you feed him, the more he grows and the more points you get.  The game has addition, subtraction and negative options!  They were clapping and cheering and extremely excited to write the new app in their agendas, so I guess it was a success!

What other math apps do we use?  Well they have always loved Monkey Math School Sunshine (but it's too easy for this time in grade one).  They also love Math Bingo.  Candy Count has great vocabulary such as greatest and fewest.  Patterns is challenging and meets the curriculum outcomes for grade one.  I use skip counting on the lcd to practice oral counting of sets and many kids love to play during their ipad time.  Finally my son (who is in grade two) LOVES the other monkey math app that introduces multiplication.  We have not used it in grade one this year but it is loaded on my ipad.

How do you use ipads during math and what math apps are your kiddos loving?


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