Monday, May 21, 2012

My new apps

So I had great plans for the weekend, I was going to search for the latest and greatest apps!  I was going to set my 2 ipads up so they look exactly alike!  I was going to find a solution to my unorganized app folders!  It is 6:18 on Monday night, my long weekend is officially over and I have done very little.  Instead I indulged in some ME time this weekend.  I am totally engrossed in my latest read, I totally recommend it! I went on a few long walks with friends and my kiddos, enjoyed a lunch and swimming with friends and I spent endless hours accompanying my daughter on her bike ride up and down the side walk of our little block of Green Street!

I did stumble across a few apps that I am excited to take a closer look at........

Spelling Magic 1, Spelling Magic2 and Spelling Magic 3....all free!

 iPhone Screenshot 1 
The apps have all kinds of settings to change the skill level and support needed.  Spelling magic 1 is simple short vowel words, Spelling Magic 3 has 3 letter blends and digraphs.

Number Magic - again free  It seems pretty easy and looks like something I will save until the fall when my kiddos are fresh out of kindergarten!
iPhone Screenshot 3

I am looking forward to the ipad adventures I have planned for this week.  I want my kiddos to use the ipad as an assessment tool using educreations or show me.  I will certainly be blogging to let you know the details of my project and how it goes!

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