Sunday, May 6, 2012

Skip Counting

The Standardized tests are done - YAHOO!  My focus now is on getting the rest of the curriculum done in the 2 short months we have left.  Will I get there - yes I believe I will survive!  At least this is what I tell myself to get through the sometimes crazy days;)

In math we have worked on all kinds of counting all year long, but one of the outcomes that we need to assess is:  Can they count sets of objects in a variety of ways using counting strategies?  I have always found this hard to assess, they always want to count by ones, or they need to separate them into piles first to count them and then you don't know did they count by ones or 5's or who knows what!  Well not anymore.... I found this great app called skip counting.  Kids can count by 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's and use skip counting for adding!  I imagine this would also be useful for intro to multiplication.  We have been using it on the LDC projector lately, counting quickly in a variety of ways.  We have been challenging ourselves to learn to count by 3's (this is not part of our grade one curriculum) and guess what we can all get to 12 with no trouble:)

It's free and worth checking out and it's FREE!

iPad Screenshot 5

And for some reason I did not push publish on this post earlier in the week - I told you I had a busy brain!  So sorry for the double post today - glad I even realized my mistake:)

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