Saturday, May 19, 2012

A second ipad!!!!

It finally arrived..... after a phone call to Apple Support and it's world tour of 2 locations in China, Alaska, Memphis, Mississauga, Winnipeg and then Flin Flon (although the FED EX never did track it all the way to Flin Flon)!   

The kids were so excited!  We now have 2 iPads in our classroom to call our own.  We have added it to the pod!  I am now in the process of trying to get my 2 ipads to look alike (meaning same games in same folders).  That will take some time and organization!  Good thing it's the long weekend!

I was also pleasantly surprised with the new Apple AV digital adapter.  I have one that I use at home to watch movies and I would sometimes take it to school.  It was tempermental.  It would easily wiggle loose and lose connection.  The new one has a release button you need to push while you pull it out to prevent that from happening.  It only works with the lastest version of the Apple iOS 5.1, I know this because my husband had not updated his phone and he was the first to try it.  It gave him an error message on his screen.  I then tried it with my iphone 4S with all it's updates and voila, it worked.  It also works with both of my ipad 2's!  



Grade 2 said...

How do you find the students do working on their own on the iPad? Do they need to be supervised or can they work independently?

Christine said...

Obviously ALOT of training is necessary, especially at the beginning of a school year. I already have many ideas for how I am going to do that in September. I think it would really depend on the app they are using. Right now the way we are using the ipad the kids are basically being told which app they have to use. they are basically using it as a center during math time to reinforce "taught" math skills - like facts. I do not directly sit with them, but they are in the classroom working. I can easily supervise while I walk around supervising everyone else. I also have 2 students using the Teach Me Kindergarten app as a modification to their program. they are able to sit at a table unsupervised and use the app for 20 minutes while the rest of the class works at reading. Next week I plan to use the Show Me or the Educreations app, I know I will then need supervision.