Monday, March 12, 2012

App Wish List

So I've been previewing some apps lately and of course one thing always leads to another and I now have a small list of apps on my "to buy list".  

They are:

Find and Match 1-100
iPhone Screenshot 1

Phonics Made Easy Flash Action

iPad Screenshot 2

Build a Word Easy Spelling
iPhone Screenshot 1

Letter School - I have this app on an ipad for a student on an IEP in my classroom (he LOVES it), but would like it on my ipad for all the student to use.  Unfortunately we have different itune accounts so we can not share it.


Word Bingo

iPhone Screenshot 2

Junior Bingo

iPhone Screenshot 2

Keep in mind, I have not tried most of these, they are my wish list!  I bet when you check them out, they will be on your wish list too!
H"appy" Monday!


Carrie said...

Love your new signature!

twilliams said...

Hi! I just found your blog on another site!! I am now a follower. Come on over and check out my blog!


Natasa Gajic said...

Thank you for showing interest in one of @Reks apps (Build A Word Easy Spelling). We are currently working on improving the said app by adding more features. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or wishes, please contact us via our webpage: