Monday, March 26, 2012

It's An iWorld After All!

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary.  There is no shiny diamond 10th anniversary ring (I actually got that ring for my first anniversary) instead I got an iPhone because it is an iWorld after all!!!!!!  

I did not explore apps today or do anything educational instead we took our children on a fishing adventure filled with mishaps and then spent the rest of the day learning about icloud, syncing my devices, talking to Siri (yes it's the 4S and she talks to me!) and running updates on all of our iDevices.  When I say "all" I mean my house is complete with 2 iPhones, an iPad2 and a 4th generation iPod........ we are the iWorld...and I'm still contemplating the MacBook!   lol!

This time I was determined to do it right, but yet again I did not.  I synced my iPhone before updating my itunes account with the apps I have purchased on the iPad in the last 3 months and now there are a bunch of apps on it that I am not sure how to get to my iPhone without doing the sync again... after I sync the iPad!

I THINK I have set up the sharing so any new apps I buy will automatically download to my  phone, they already do to my son's iPod, yet for some reason the iPad will not let me turn that sharing on so it can get our new purchases.  The idea of iCloud is genius, I just need a tutorial!

I am a little overwhelmed in this iWorld but am completely thrilled about it at the same time.


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