Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Seusstastic Day

So I finally have some pictures to post of my PixelWorks creations.  Our Seuss faces turned out FANTASTIC!  The grade ones used the sketch edit on the Ipad in PixelWorks, then they colored with pencil crayons, and added a Seuss hat.

And since I am sharing all things Seuss, I have to share our Things!  We used our painted hand prints to create Thing One or Thing Two.  We then decorated them to look like the Things and wrote about what would happen if the Things showed up at our house!  Such fun to see what these crazy Things would do!  No technology was involved here but we sure did have fun!

And if you are studying Seuss, you can not forget The Lorax.  Such a wonderful message made even more exciting with a movie release in theatres!  I purchased the Lorax book app on sale for .99 cents (I believe) from the itunes store.  Then for the first time I borrowed cords to connect my Ipad to my NEW lcd short throw BenQ LCD projector!  We were excited to hear the sound coming from the projector instead of the quiet computer speakers!  We let the story Autoplay and for nearly 20 minutes, yes 20 minutes we listened to The Once-ler explain to the boy about the Lorax and the truffala trees.  We then followed up with some comprehension questions about the story, which I must say we answered VERY well.  LOVED IT!!!!!

So on a techie note I need an Apple Digital AV adapter and an HDMI cord so I can use this system on a regular basis in my iclassroom.  

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