Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Story App

Well Spring Break is upon us and on this VERY SNOWY Saturday morning I am at my computer, coffee in hand, doing all my favorite things!

1.  Listening to my daughter sing and dance (she is so good at entertaining herself)
2.  Enjoying my caramel coffee
3.  Surfing the net checking out all the blogs I follow, the new pins on pinterest and of course reading the facebook updates:)

Oh how I love Saturday mornings!

Last night I had so much fun playing with my iMovie (yes techie work on a Friday night is fun for me).  As I worked away I thought about other ways to use technology in my classroom.  My own children are my guinea pigs and I plan to try some stuff out over spring break.  Here is one app I have had for awhile, have never explored but found this inspirational video and now think I will put it to good use:  My Story.  This app is $1.99 in the itunes store.  

Check back to see how "My" stories turn out, I wonder if they can be embedded?  Happy "Spring " Break, looks a lot more like Winter!!!!

1 comment:

Grade 2 said...

I have this app and got it when it was free. I have played around with it but haven't actually used it. I
would like to try published it cause that's always my issue. the video turned up fine.