Friday, March 23, 2012

What Does technology Look Like In Grade One?

Here it is... the techie vision I have had for months!!!!!!  Enjoy!

The process:
1.  I asked what technology meant.  Guess what I got the right answer on the first attempt!
2.  We brainstormed and webbed using kidspiration all the things we do that are considered to be technology.
3.  I interviewed each child about technology.
4.  I gathered pictures and the video interviews and added them to iMovie.
5.  I procrastinated!!!!!!!!
6.  I discovered how easy iMovie really is and finalized the product.
7.  I chose upload to You Tube as my publishing option and then embedded it here and on my class wiki.

What's next?
I think the video will be emailed to or presented to a few of the people who manage the budget and do the goal planning when it comes to technology for our school division.  Who knew 6 year old kids were so immersed in technology?


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