Tuesday, March 27, 2012

iTips and Tricks

So guess what I did today?????  Yup, played with my iPhone!  I bought an app called iPhone Secrets Tips and Tricks.  I have almost read all the tips and have learned MANY new things that work with all our idevices!  I'll share a few..............

Emoti keyboard - So if you go into your settings and choose general, scroll down til you see keyboard.  Then choose international keyboards.  Here you will find a list of many languages for the keyboard.  You will find a list of many languages and one called emoti, which is how you get those fun emoticons.  When you want to use them click the little globe that will now appear on your keyboard!
iPhone Screenshot 5

Maps - So this is cool yet somehow a little disturbing.  If you click the maps button  on the main page of your device and type in an address it will pin it on a map.  If there happens to be a little person next to the pin, you can click the person and it will show you a picture of that exact location!  It works, I found all my houses I have ever lived in.  The pictures are about 3 years old... I know this because my house was just in the building stage and that is when we built.  Cool but freaky!  You can swipe the picture for a panaramic view.  This would be wonderful for Social Studies!
iPhone Screenshot 3

Saving your Battery - There are a few things you can do to save your battery.  Do not leave your device in push mode for your email and notifications.  Turn it off so that you actually have to hit your email button for your email to update itself.  Also set the brightness of your screen to a lower lighting level to save your battery and make sure you turn off any apps that run using your location. When your device is constantly updating your location it is wasting battery.  Remember any apps you use are constantly running in the background.  Double press your home button and a list of all running items appears across the bottom.  Touch the minus sign to completely turn them off, this DOES NOT delete the app.

Siri - I am very excited to read the section about Siri (my personal assistant that "lives" in my phone!!!!)  I see that I can train her to know who my contacts are so I can say things like "Calll my husband" and it will find his number in my phone.  I can also set my profile so I can say things like "Remember to check the mail when I get home." and when my location registers me at home, Siri will remind me!  Cool huh!

Iphone users.... for 99 cents I am pretty sure you will learn something with this app!


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Aaron said...

Hey Christine, I stumbled across your blog while surfing around and wanted to say thanks for a lot of great ideas. I have been a part of a pilot project for our school board using 1:1 iPod Touches in my Grade 3 classroom for the last two years. It has been amazing and I have also been using my personal iPad in the classroom every day.

I just wanted to tell you that you don't need to close all the apps in your multitasking bar. If it makes you feel better, go for it, but it won't improve your battery life. The only reason you should ever close one is if there is an app that is acting up, otherwise iOS will handle it all for you. If you want an explantion of it all, I highly recommend reading Fraser Speirs blog, a tech facilitator in the UK. http://speirs.org/blog/2012/1/2/misconceptions-about-ios-multitasking.html

Keep up the great work with the iPad. I just didn't want you to waste your time closing apps, we teachers are busy enough!