Monday, March 19, 2012

"Pod" trial

Outside was a miserable, icy, freezing rain kind of day. Not a typical northern Manitoba kind of day by all means! So while the weather had us all down, Lois and I tried using our iPads as a pod. We were able to round up 3 iPods for my trial and 4 for Lois's trial. We used it as a center during our reading time and both cLasses used the word bingo app I have talked about in other posts. They LOVED it! I had 6 kids at the center so they had to share. I briefly explained how to use the bingo part of the app. They enthusiastically played for a good 10 minutes before a few of them experimented on their own with the fling games and the falling brick words. Some of them even switched to harder word lists! That is always a bonus when they choose to challenge themselves! They had 15 minutes with the iPad which was enough time to have some fun but not get bored with the new app. A few were rushing home to purchase it for themselves!

So we can see how successful a small pod can be! I look forward to this last week before spring break where I have the opportunity to try this pod every day! Who knows where our icreativity will take us!

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Grade 2 said...

I loved having the pod in the class. Yesterday I used 4 iPads and today I had 3. it was way more successful with the 4 iPads where 2 children could share. The noise level was much louder with 3 taking turns. The word bingo was a great app to try. I'm so glad that we are trying this out because this is excellent feedback for what to do for purchasing iPads in the future. I can hardly wait till tomorrow!